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Lets talk a little bit about a very important subject, GMO foods. First of all, GMO stands for genetically modified organisms and it sounds about as horrible as it can be on your health. These GMO foods have been chemically
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Recently we have made some changes to the INBar which now allows us to be certified in 5 major categories including USDA Certified Organic. This has caused some minor changes in our nutritional facts and improved the INBar significantly as
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“Thank you for such a wonderful tasting product!

Loving these bars! They are the best I’ve found, with everything I want in a bar–organic ingredients, really low sugar and carbs, high protein, not too high in fat and they taste great…perfect! It’s almost impossible to find an energy bar any more that doesn’t have GMOs, cheap isolates and/or no protein with super-high carb content. Plus, I have a pre-diabetic family member… Continue reading

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