Problem Producing Insulin?

Remember pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics do not have a problem producing insulin, in fact they over produce it.  The underlying problem is the tissues of the body are insensitive to insulin due to insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance causes blood sugar to go up.

A logical response would be to add even more insulin.  This sounds like a good short term solution and may work for a while.

Unfortunately, insulin is a fat storage hormone and more fat contributes to even more insulin resistance.  So more and more insulin can cause more and more weight gain contributing to even greater insulin resistance.  The common sense approach to this condition is not to overload on even more insulin but to restore the tissues sensitivity to insulin. By supporting the tissues ability to respond to insulin properly we can help the body balance blood sugar naturally.  More importantly, though, we can  address the underlying factors leading to the insulin resistance in the first place.

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