The healthiest food in the world

What would you say is the healthiest food in the world? Of course that would depend on what your greatest health need happens to be. If you are starving you could not survive without a food that contains carbohydrates for energy. If the situation is extreme enough you will even want some simple carbs to keep your blood sugar from being to low. This would be the case if you were struggling with hypoglycemia as a result of taking too much insulin for example. Orange juice would be a great choice or even a non-diet soft drink if nothing else is available.

What if you are not in an emergency situation but just want to have energy and keep your body clean and detoxified? In this case you would want something with a balance of simple and complex carbohydrates which also had adequate fiber. Perhaps an apple would be a good choice here. Since apples also contain vitamins and minerals they can also support a healthy immune system. You know, an apple a day can help keep the doctor away.

What if your goal was to trim off some excess fat? You would want a very low simple carb food with a lot of fiber and low fat. Sounds like most vegetables to me. Celery would be a great choice since it actually requires as many calories to digest celery as it contains. As a bonus, just three raw stalks of celery a day can lower your blood pressure as effectively as many of the first choice blood pressure lowering medications and, of course, has no risky side effects.

If you were wanting to build muscle you would need a high protein food that provides all the essential amino acids, those are the ones that your body can not make so they must be supplied in the diet. My favorite choice here would be fish which is almost entirely protein and certainly contains all the essential amino acids. Chicken and turkey may also be great choices, without the skin, of course, which is where the fat is hidden. If you are trying to stay vegan you can mix beans with rice to make sure you get all the essential amino acids.

No single food will supply all the nutrients you need on a daily basis. Just to keep from becoming deficient in the important vitamins and minerals you would have to eat 2 to 3 fruit servings, 4 to 6 vegetable servings and 5 to 11 whole grain servings everyday, three hundred and sixty five days a year! That is why I recommend the INBalance Multi-Vitamin. It also contains additional support for the pancreas with key nutrients that can support healthy blood sugar balance.

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If I had to pick a food to eat on a daily basis that I believe could be the healthiest food in the world I would have a strong contender. It may surprise you that my choice for an overall healthy food is not a well known or even frequently chosen food. It is, however, a food which is being researched more and more and the more we learn the better it looks for this superstar food. The best part is it’s delicious. Stay tuned for my next blog about my personal favorite health food which would for sure be a contender for the healthiest food in the world.

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