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Thank you for such a wonderful tasting product!

My 3-year old son LOVES the Cherry Chocolate! I bought it from Meijer, in the pharmacy section, and after I tried it I thought, ‘this is really good!’ I’ve tried other protein bars in the past and they all have an aftertaste. INBar was just so filling!

Roxanne B.

How does it taste? Awesome, for a protein bar! It’s not chalky, overly chewy, dry, heavy or any of the other problems most protein bars suffer from. I would say it reminded me of a brownie. A real brownie!

Not a bad idea to have on hand when you’re craving something sweet. Or when you’re on the go and need a quick meal. I ate this bar at noon and felt surprisingly full until I left work at 4:30pm. Not something I want to do regularly but not bad for emergencies.

The only downside is, like most protein bars, it’s expensive. A box will run you about $3.49 per bar. I think that’s about what I paid in the grocery store. Then again, your daily Starbucks habit (if you still have one) probably costs you a good deal more.


Loving these bars! They are the best I’ve found, with everything I want in a bar–organic ingredients, really low sugar and carbs, high protein, not too high in fat and they taste great…perfect! It’s almost impossible to find an energy bar any more that doesn’t have GMOs, cheap isolates and/or no protein with super-high carb content. Plus, I have a pre-diabetic family member who has never liked the taste of any bars, but loves these and they don’t raise his blood sugar much. It really works. We are happy! It’s so great when someone creates a quality product that is truly a win-win for everyone!

Robyn L.

We have been carrying InBars for nearly a year and are thoroughly delighted with the nutritional profile in terms of protein, fats and carbs and also for the clean ingredient list. A bar with 10 grams of protein without a high carb count and packed with 10 grams of fiber is unheard of. Our customers love them and especially for travel. We always urge them to drink 8 to 16 ounces of water at the same time due to the high fiber content. Most people are not getting an adequate amount of protein and the InBar is an easy assist with increasing the protein and ever so tasty. Congratulations on a successful bar!

Carolyn B.
Natural Choices for Healthful Living

This bar was delicious tasting almost like a dark baker’s cocoa, and I really enjoyed the texture: a little chewy and a little crunchy. I was surprised the calorie count was so low, some meal replacement bars can pack 200 calories or more. I had mine as a mid-morning snack before a trip to the grocery store and (maybe it was psychological too) but I didn’t make any impulse buys because I was sated. Hooray for that, I will definitely order again and look forward to trying other flavors.

Kate S.

I tried the InBalance Health Inbar Chocolate Fudge flavor.

This bar tasted so good!!! And it did not have soy!!! And it is vegan!!! I read the ingredients to make sure there was nothing that I couldn’t have. It is hard to find a health bar that is soy-free and vegan. There are only a few brands out there that I know of. And when I say “few”, I literally mean “few”. This bar tasted so good, and I wanted more!!! I can’t wait to try the other flavors!!! They all sound so good!!! I am very picky about the health bars that I eat. I love these!!!!!

Andrea R.

I had plateaued my weight loss and wasn’t yet ready to make more changes to my diet regimen. By supplementing my evening/late night snack to The INBar, I have lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks. I look forward to more weight loss with this edition to my regime and it has been an easy change since the tastes of all bars are above all others.

Alex A.

INBars are a great option that are low sugar, low carb and gluten free that taste great.  As a type 1 diabetic, I liked that the bars didn’t seem to spike my blood sugar like so many other bars on the market.”

Tony Rose
Blogging Diabetes

“I have given my dad a couple different flavors of the INBars to try and he loves them. He’s been dieting and likes the bars because they taste good and keep him full for a long timeafter eating one.”

Becca Chamberlin
Main Street Marketing

“Just wanted to say Thank You for the 3 INBar’s that I received.
I had a chance this week to give them a try. I didn’t see any dramatic spikes in BG after eating them so that was a plus. I also LOVED the chocolate Mint flavor. I tried the Cherry Chocolate first and was impressed that it didn’t taste “off” in flavor like so many other bars on the market. It didn’t have as much Cherry flavor as I’d prefer, but it was good. The plain chocolate was also tasty and not too overpowering flavor wise. But the Chocolate Mint is a huge hit!!”

Jennifer Smith RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator Integrated Diabetes Services

Life is a constant teeter-tottering of working vs. playing. We must work in order to play. But how much work is enough?? Or are we working too much?? Now add family (kids in particular) and friends into the mix, and the whole equation gets all the more complicated.

The same can be said when it comes to our health and the way we treat our bodies. Yes, we want to enjoy the food that we eat, but we also need to feed ourselves well (nutritionally speaking), so that our bodies can get the proper nutrients that it requires to run efficiently. It’s all about balance.

Well thanks to InBalance and their line of nutritional bars, eating great and getting the right levels of substances our bodies need is just an INBar away.

Jessica B
OC Food and Fitness

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