The healthiest food in the world part 2

INSupportSo what is this mystery food that I would pick as the healthiest food? Of course, as we said before, no one food could possibly meet all of your nutritional requirements. However, I have chosen this food because it meets so many nutritional requirements and especially the ones that are not often found in other foods. My favorite is the power packed avocado!

The avocado is getting more and more attention lately because more and more research is revealing more and more benefits. First of all it is a relatively low carb vegetable and most of those carbs are complex carbs which can contribute to sustained energy. An average avocado contains only about 3 grams of total carbohydrate. Less than one gram of this carbohydrate is in the form of natural sugar making it the lowest sugar content fruit known. This greenish brown seed pod also contributes up to 10 % of your daily recommended fiber.

What is not so well known is that avocados are an excellent source of the good kind of fat which is not found in any other fruit. Essential fatty acids or good fats must be from foods because your body can not make them. Good fats are absolutely essential for proper brain function, hormone production and insulation especially around the nerves as a myelin sheath. These good fats have now also been shown to protect you from heart disease and diabetes as well as help you achieve and maintain your weigh loss goals. This is partly because fats are so filling they keep you from over eating other calorie sources.

In fact, a recent study from Loma Linda University in Southern California concluded, “The addition of approximately one half of a Hass avocado at a lunch meal can influence post-ingestive satiety over a subsequent 3 and 5 hour period in overweight adults.” The study found that participants had a significant decrease in the desire to eat by 40% three hours after ingesting one half of an avocado and a 20% decrease after 5 hours compared to a meal without half of an avocado.


To get to and stay at ideal weight without the hunger associated with dieting, adding half an avocado to your lunch may just be the thing to do. We at INBalance Health Corp also recommend our Weight Management blend of herbs and nutrients. The Weight Management formula was specifically designed to target stubborn belly fat and support healthy metabolism which is the rate at which you burn calories. This highly effective supplement is taken before breakfast and lunch and can support natural energy levels without the use of harsh stimulants.

Why not try Weight Management from INBalance Health Corp today? While you’re at it try adding to your lunch the super fruit that satisfies; an avocado. It’s a winning combination for sure. Stay tuned next time for even more great information on my favorite health food. I promise when you discover what else an avocado contains you won’t waste any time finding out how to make an extremely healthy guacamole, I’ll even include my favorite recipe…

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