Better Choices Lead to Better Health

Lets face it. The culture we live in does not lend itself to keeping off those unwanted pounds. We are tempted everywhere we go with what I refer to as man-made foods. These unhealthy, nutrient depleted, low fiber, low protein and high sugar choices are enemies to our long term health. The over-processed, industrialized foods and beverages on all grocery store shelves and in nearly every restaurant boost our appetites, build unhealthy fat and starve us of essential nutrients that our bodies need to maintain healthy metabolism.

So, the first step towards achieving ideal weight is to eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, 100% whole grain breads and pasta (make sure the label says “100 %”), and lean white meats. Other good protein sources are legumes, eggs and fish. Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks—nuts, seeds and more fruits and veggies! In short, eat healthy whole foods prepared from scratch. The second step is to make water your beverage of choice—eight to ten glasses a day, please.

While these food selections may not excite your taste buds initially, after a week or two, you will find that you will “resurrect” your God-given appetite and actually crave healthy foods. And—you will cringe at the chemical taste of the junk and fast foods you currently crave.

Avoid trans-fats, saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and fractionated oils. Trans-fats are formed when fats are heated such as in frying or baking. These are found in cookies, cakes, doughnuts and fried foods of all kinds. Saturated fats are primarily found in meats which should only be eaten in moderation. And, stay away from sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS )—a highly processed monster that builds stubborn belly fat. HFCS does not tell our body when you’ve had enough like sugar does so it has an addictive property.

Another essential step is exercise. Exercise increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of cells throughout your body, boosting your immune system while building your muscle. Muscle is your best friend in weight loss. Try to engage in light exercise after meals to boost your metabolism. Even a 30-minute walk will give you results!

To make sure your body gets all the support it requires daily check out the Ideal Body System here. It is a simple program designed to get you to ideal weight and shape in only 90 days. It includes your daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement as well as specific products that attack stubborn belly fat and keep blood sugar from spiking after meals. A key component of the Ideal Body System is healthy snacking with INBars. These are high protein, high fiber and low glycemic, allergen-free, delicious and convenient real food bars. Organic, GMO free and Kosher, they are a guaranteed way to satisfy your appetite without the use of chemical additives.

Keep off those unwanted pounds while giving your body the nutrients it requires everyday by choosing a diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and drinking plenty of water. Remember to avoid the worst kind of fats and start a consistent exercise program. To remove belly fat which can increase insulin resistance and keep the blood sugar from dangerous spiking use the Ideal Body System and welcome to your healthy future. Better choices lead to better health.

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