Compare INBars to Apples

It is rather unusual for a product to target a specific disease category such as we do with The INBar and our supplements. Although we in no way make any claims about treating any diseases with our products we do believe it is important for the consumer to be educated on the benefits of providing great nutrients from real foods for their body. I feel as an MD physician it is my duty to help people combat the cause of their health problems whenever possible. Diabetes is one such category. The enemy is NOT high blood sugar but what causes high blood sugar in the type 2 diabetic. That enemy is what I call toxic belly fat. Excess abdominal fat is what causes insulin resistance which leads to dangerous higher blood sugar. Although traditional medicine, which I am trained in, has become very good at keeping blood sugar levels within an acceptable range, it often ignores the CAUSE of the problem. You see, high blood sugar is a SYMPTOM not the cause of the problem. INBars give a simple solution to what can seem like a complicated health situation.
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Originally when we formulated The INBar it was for glucose management and weight management. It fills this purpose very well but we learned very quickly people at ideal weight also love the bars, especially in the fitness category. Moms and their children also enjoy INBars. Those who have food allergies or prefer organic and GMO free products also choose INBars for these benefits. This has caused us to somewhat re-brand INBars as a healthy, sustained energy snack for everyone.

As Chief Science Officer at INBalance Health Corp, I feel it is my job to help educate those who want to get and stay healthy naturally by combating the cause of disease and keeping the main thing the main thing. INBars are full of great fiber (10 grams) to fill you up for a long time and great protein (10-11 grams) to keep metabolism burning calories. One simple way I teach people just how healthy INBars are is to compare them to an apple. INBars are similar in calories to an apple but have only about 1/3 the net carbs and 3 times the fiber. INBars also contain 30 times the protein of an apple. That is why I say if an apple a day can keep the doctor away an INBar a day can keep him away twice as long. Better yet, eat an apple and an INBar everyday for even greater health benefits.

Apples can be a great benefit to help people combat obesity and the type 2 diabetes which causes it. Adding healthy,organic, high fiber, low sugar foods like The INBar is even better. That is why we believe INBars are a great choice for those with diabetes, obesity, food allergies. Really they are a healthy, great tasting snack for everyone.


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