Don’t Drink Your Calories

It seems rather obvious that sugar-loaded foods like cakes, pies, cookies and candies increase blood sugar. They are mostly sugar. You can also add refined, sugar concentrated, processed grains found in white breads and pastas to complete the recipe for disaster. Many people today choose something even worse than these poor excuses for food. They wash them down with sugar-loaded beverages!

DON’T DRINK YOUR CALORIES is some of the best long-term health advice I can give you. This advice may sound crazy to many people who live with a soda pop in one hand and a so called energy drink in the other. Even healthier sounding choices like smoothies or fruit juices can be loaded with too much sugar which means too many calories. All of these choices can actually add more and more sugar to the sugar-overloaded diet mentioned above.

The simple solution to this drinking dilemma is the one perfect beverage that fills you up not out. This beverage has no calories, no artificial sweeteners and unquestionably quenches thirst better than any other beverage ever. Yes, I am talking about what your body is mostly made of… WATER. Fresh, purified water. Add a twist of lemon and it gets even healthier. The reason you may not already be drinking this perfect beverage is simply because you haven’t started yet. You see, whatever you start to drink, makes you thirstier for more. You can get into the water drinking habit by simply starting your day with a big glass of what your body really needs, water.

To stay well-hydrated, take your body weight in pounds and divide by two. For example, if you weigh one hundred and fifty pounds, drink seventy-five ounces of water. Your goal is to drink this number of ounces of water every day. Proper hydration means more efficient metabolism. You can burn more fat and maintain more muscle when your body is properly hydrated.

To keep it simple and easy just start your day with one or two glasses of water. Drink another glass of water before each meal. You’ll find yourself eating less calories and feeling more satisfied. Many times you are not as hungry as you may think. You are just thiristy. So don’t try to feed dehydration, water it.

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