WHEN You Eat Means Weight Retreat

Eating between meals is extremely important to help balance blood sugar. Never let your body go for more than two hours without some kind of food to keep metabolism, the rate at which you burn calories, at it’s highest. I suggest a power snack of real, live, raw, whole fruits and vegetables with a glass of purified water. The INBar from INBalance Health Corp certainly fits this description. It is a great-tasting raw bar that is Certified Organic and loaded with a satisfying 10-11 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber to keep you full for a long time. Keeping something in your stomach tells the body that food is steadily available. This stokes the calorie burning fires of metabolism and actually allows you to burn more fat at the cellular level.

Many of us may have unknowingly trained our bodies to store calories instead of burning them by skipping meals. Skipping meals may seem logical since every one knows when you want to lose weight you should decrease your food intake. Eat less and lose weight right? Not exactly. The simple formula for weight loss is to take in less calories than you burn, but you do not necessarily have to eat less food. All calories are not created equal. What kinds of foods you choose and when you choose to eat them makes a big difference. When you skip meals or go long periods of time between meals without giving your body any fuel it automatically goes into survival mode.

Survival mode means the body will start to slow down to conserve resources. In terms of metabolism that translates into less calories being burned, something you do not want to happen when you are trying to lose weight. It also results in a lack of energy as the body responds to less calories being available, especially carbohydrates which are the major source of cellular energy. The way people feel when they try to lose weight can be a big factor that determines if they will be successful or not at reaching their weight loss goals. Stop giving your body the fuel it requires and you are on a sure road to feeling terrible and ultimately fat gain.

What you need to do for successful weight loss is keep your body in balance. A proper balance of healthy fats, easily digested proteins and energy producing low glycemic carbohydrates. When these nutrients are provided every few hours, consistently, there is no need to go into survival mode. There is no need for your body to shut down wondering when the next calories might be coming. Eating regular meals and power snacking in between meals will keep you in healthy calorie burning mode. This is the road to sustained energy and reasonable weight loss while you actually feel good. Grab a healthy snack with a big glass of water and enjoy your journey to ideal weight.

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