Nature’s Candy Builds Your Health

Fruit, what I consider as Nature’s candy promotes all-around great health. Did you know that the depth of color to a fruit roughly indicates how nutrient rich it is? The brighter, the better! Fruits also usually taste sweet. They are the kinds of sweets you can really enjoy!

To get our kids excited about eating fruit, we get excited. We say, “Guess what?!? We have—you won’t believe this—we have blueberries and watermelon!” The kids get all excited and start shouting because they think watermelon and blueberries mean a party. Habits are as much caught as taught, so if you get excited about eating fruit, so will your kids. We also enjoy eating cherries—Michigan, where we live, is famous for its production of sweet black cherries. Did you know cherries are especially effective in combating arthritis and gout? Cranberries are another great fruit. They’re well-known for their ability to combat kidney and bladder infections because of their antimicrobial activity and high vitamin C content.

Grapefruits are champion fruits when it comes to cardiovascular health. They protect your arteries and balance your blood cholesterol levels, benefits most likely due to their high fiber and high vitamin C content. Grapefruit seeds, which so many people meticulously avoid, can and should be eaten. They contain powerful infection fighters.

Would you believe me if I told you that currently a kind of wonder fruit is being grown and brought to market that does several things for your health all at once? It’s an excellent source of fiber—always important—but beyond that, it combats intestinal infections, inflammation, diarrhea, and overly acidic stomach. Over half of your immune system is associated with your gastrointestinal tract, so I always say that the road to health is paved with good intestines. This is one fruit that is excellent for good intestines.

The wonder fruit I’m talking about also excels at helping the body to detoxify and fight viral infections. It has been shown to lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and even stabilize blood sugar. Don’t you want to consume this amazing fruit every day? The wonder fruit is God’s magnificent creation, the apple. You may have heard that apple seeds are toxic, but don’t worry. Although they do contain trace amounts of cyanide, your normal, healthy cells contain an enzyme that renders the cyanide inactive. Interestingly, cancer cells do not contain this important enzyme, so chewing apple seeds can actually help your body kill cancer cells while not harming normal cells. Go ahead, eat the whole apple—seeds, skin, core, and all. It will do you far more good than harm, and your fiber consumption will be off the charts.

Compared to an apple the INBar does super well. About equal in calories with only one half the net carbs and only one fourth the sugar of an apple. The INBar contains 3 times the fiber and 30 times the protein! If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, an INBar a day can keep him away twice as long!


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