INBalance Glucose Management 30 Count

INBalance Glucose

INBalance Glucose Management 30 Count

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INBalance Glucose Management is doctor-formulated and packed with key nutrients to support your body’s ability to stabilize blood sugar after eating. Made with Mulberry Leaf Extract: Dr. Oz’s new superfood for weight loss and diabetes!

The natural ingredients in our Glucose Management Supplement work together to promote healthy glucose metabolism to keep your body’s blood sugar balanced.


Morucel (Mulberry Leaf Extract): Helps stabilize post meal blood sugar spiking by slowing the breakdown of carbs
Bitter Melon: Helps insulin transport sugar, more efficiently, from the blood into the cells reducing blood sugar levels and acts as an appetite suppressant
Astragalus Extract: Immune strengthening properties used to combat hyper tension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Cactus Extract (Opuntia ficus-Indica): Decreases the absorption of sugar in the stomach and intestine

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