Spring In With INBars

Spring has sprung and so has the time to think about showing up soon in a bathing suit. I don’t know about you, but I’ve gained a few winter pounds that need to be shed before I can get excited about going to the beach with my wife and kids this spring break. I came up with a simple strategy that will work for sure. I’m going to call it INBar Substitution. Only 3 simple substitutions. In place of dessert I’ll eat 1/2 an INBar. In place of bread or rolls I’ll eat 1/2 an INBar. And finally, instead of any kind of sweet treat (chocolate, cookies, cake, candies etc.) I’ll choose 1/2 an INBar.

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Here is the reason I know it will work. First of all I’m skipping the high glycemic calories that spike the blood sugar and are more likely to be converted into that dreaded abdominal fat. This alone, however, would not, without the proper substitution, help me reach my few pounds in a few weeks goal. When you restrict calories, which in general is a good idea, your body goes into starvation mode. This survival mechanism means your metabolism will automatically slow down. Metabolism is simply the rate at which you burn calories, which is something you want to remain on high as you try to lose those unwanted pounds. So just cutting down on calories by skipping the junk foods and bread may not actually result in weight loss, although you can expect less energy as your body tries to compensate for the new change.

The calories you have chosen to restrict should be replaced with more sensible calories for effective fat loss. That is where the INBar comes in. With a full 10 grams of protein and matching 10 grams of fiber in each bar and only 85 calories for half a bar, your body will not be tempted to slow down metabolism, so calorie burning can continue as usual. Especially when you drink a big glass of water with your INBar, something I always try to do, you will feel fuller longer and leave those junk food cravings behind.

Really this triple substitution is something we all could and should do year around. In fact, if we would have been doing it we probably would not have much extra fat to lose in the first place. Before formulating The INBar I used to do a similar substitution with one of the healthiest foods on the planet, an apple. Now when you compare an INBar with an apple the INBar actually comes out super well. Although similar in calories an INBar has only one half the net carbs, three times the fiber and 30 times the protein of this healthy fruit. Even more impressive is the fact that INBars contain only one forth the sugar of an apple. Thats why I say if an apple a day can keep the doctor away an INBar a day can keep him away twice a s long!

So why don’t you join me and start your own substitution today? You will actually be exchanging those fat accumulating, junk food calories for a smaller waistline. Oh, and by the way a smaller waistline means a longer lifeline and a much healthier future. I’ll drink to that…as long as its zero calorie water with healthy calorie INBars! See you in your bathing suit…


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