Start the Day Right with an INBar

Everyone has had the experience of starting the day right by including some protein with breakfast. This is a very healthy idea. Proteins are quite satisfying and can help keep you from that mid-morning energy crash which can follow an all-carb breakfast. Proteins are made up of amino acids which help the neurons in your brain function properly. Finally there is a way to get that necessary protein without relying on the higher fat and cholesterol containing traditional breakfast choices like meat or eggs. How about an INBar for breakfast? My wife loves the Cinnamon Swirl, a great alternative to the cinnamon roll.

The protein in your INBarBUY INBARS NOW

Several factors are working in your favor when you choose an INBar for breakfast. First of all, you are providing only about 11grams of net carbs for energy, all of which are low glycemic, which means they will not cause the blood sugar to spike. These are the much healthier carbs which provide the sustained energy you need to start everyday the right way. These carbs are balanced with a full 10 grams of plant based protein and an amazing 10 grams of fiber in each INBar.

The result is you stay full and satisfied for a long time, up to 4 hours, and experience natural energy levels at the same time. This is because there are absolutely no artificial chemicals or added sugars in your INBar. Just real foods for real results. Look at the label, which lists all the easily recognizable, natural and organic ingredients, in order, according to how much each INBar contains. The first ingredient on the ingredient panel means the bar contains most of this ingredient, Organic Sunflower Seed Butter. Organic Sunflower Seed Butter is loaded with essential nutrients including the extremely important B vitamin, Thiamin or Vitamin B1. Good sources of this essential B1 are very rare in commonly consumed foods. B1 is particularly important for proper brain function.

The next ingredient is Organic Brown Rice Protein. This, of course, provides all that plant based protein your body needs to start the day right. The protein in your INBar is balanced with just the right amount of low glycemic carbs and healthy essential fats so you do not experience the unpleasant “chalky” taste of so many other protein bars. The next two ingredients, Organic Crispy Brown Rice and Organic Rice Bran contribute to the favorable texture and high fiber content of The INBar.

These first four ingredients make up almost all of your INBar. The other ingredients are mostly for flavoring, so far less of these ingredients are required. No wonder INBars are so satisfying and taste like real food…they are! These are precisely the foods you need to start your day the healthy way. Instead of trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast tomorrow, make a simple, convenient and healthy choice. Eat an INBar and start your day the right way.

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