Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy

Here we are in the Holiday season again. Tis the season to stay healthy. Parties, social events, concerts and office extravaganzas galore! None of these will come without the usual temptations to over indulge. I would like to share some quick tips to help make sure that relationships with family, friends and co-workers grow without growing your waistline. Remember, YOUR WAISTLINE IS YOUR LIFELINE!

1. Don’t go to the party hungry. Eat a small sensible meal before you go. My favorite choice is a piece of raw fruit or vegetable and forget about the holiday dipping. Taste and enjoy the pleasure of real foods not fattening sauces or whip cream or carmel dips. Or save some time and money and just eat an INBar, my favorite is the new Chocolate Butter Crunch. It has the taste of a chocolate peanut butter cup without the nuts for those with food allergies. All INBars are gluten free and organic as well.

2. Get active. A brisk 20 minute walk shrinks the stomach capacity and decreases your appetite. Do any kind of exercise as close to the party starting time as possible. You will also feel better, releasing those feel-good neurotransmitters and increase your energy level. And please do not waste your time driving around at this busy time believing for a close parking spot. Park as far away as possible to not only protect your car but keep your body from looking like it got dented with that unsightly cellulite!

3. Hydrate. Load up, once again just before the party on the zero calorie drink which you are mostly made of, fresh purified water. Your goal for the entire Holiday season is to drink 1/2 of your weight in pounds, in ounces of water each day. Although that may seem like a lot of fluid, if you start everyday with 2, 8oz glasses of water and drink another 8 ounces with each meal and one between meals and before bed you are there! This will not only keep you hydrated but will jump start a detoxification program that is one of the most important thing you can do for your health.

4. Get enough sleep. Do not cut corners when it comes to shut- eye especially this time of year. It is well established that you make better and healthier choices when you get enough rest.

5. Learn to relax. Stress, particularly Holiday stress increases cortisol levels which is known to increase belly fat accumulation. Deep breathing exercises are simple and surprisingly effective when done consistently. In fact, the simple breathing technique I have been teaching for years is a cure for anxiety and even panic disorder. Breathe in for a count of four. Hold for a count of four. Breathe out for a count of four and simply repeat until the fear goes away.

6. Go easy on the alcohol. Those calories are empty calories that can also deplete important brain strengthening B vitamins. Excess alcohol is also associated with poorer food choices and overeating. To replace essential B vitamins use the INBalance Multi and eat those INBars which are loaded with organic sunflower seed butter, one of natures highest sources of the all important B1 or thiamine.

Make sure you take advantage of all of these healthy Holiday tips and remember to give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy throughout this most wonderful time of the year!

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