Unusual weight loss tips

We all know the basics for weight loss. Eat less and exercise more. However, I would like to share four unusual weight loss tips for keeping those unwanted pounds off. These suggestions are very easy to do and they are extremely effective…

1. Slow down when you are eating. This is especially important when you are very hungry and have not eaten for several hours. It takes the stomach about 20 minutes to send the signal to the appetite center of the brain that you are full. Think of all the times you have eaten an entire meal, including second helpings, in far less than 20 minutes. When you eat too quickly the amount of food you eat may be determined by how much food is there instead of when you have had the proper amount of food.

2. Eat with people with good eating habits when possible. 38 studies were done on how eating habits are effected by the people you are eating with. The result was a psychological phenomenon know as social modeling. We tend to eat like the ones we are eating with. People actually eat less when they are eating with healthy eaters than they do when eating with unhealthy eaters or eating alone.

3. Never go to the grocery store hungry. Your buying habits will be effected by your hunger level. The tendency will be to buy more food and make less healthy choices if you are hungry. A study done at Cornell in 2015 compared the buying habits of people who ate a healthy snack, like an apple slice, with those who ate a cookie before grocery shopping. The results showed that those who ate the apple slice bought 25% more fruits and vegetables which are much healthier choices.

4. Choose a brand and stick with it. This one might surprise you a little. A study was done which showed that people eating pepperoni pizza ate less and were more satisfied if they were restricted to one brand. Those who were allowed to eat a number of different brands reported being less satisfied and were more likely to eat more later. Sticking to one brand also means you are more likely to know more about the nutritional value, such as calories, fat and sugar content.

So the next time you sit down to a nice meal, slow down and enjoy. Give your stomach a chance to let your brain know you are full. Also you might want to try to sit next to someone who is a healthy eater and even compliment them on their eating habits. The next time you head for the grocery store make sure you eat an apple slice or some other fruit or vegetable before you go. You will end up saving some calories and probably some money as well. Finally, stick with a brand you know and don’t fall for those end cap specials, they often are cheaper for good reason. The least expensive brands usually do not use the quality ingredients found in healthier choices. Practice these unusual weight loss tips and you might just find yourself looking unusually slimmer.

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