Attain and Maintain Ideal Weight with Minerals

Minerals help our bodies to maintain balance in many areas. A balanced immune system requires adequate minerals. Proper heart and brain function depends upon a tremendous amount of minerals being available every second of your life. Science has now discovered the importance of minerals in getting to and staying at ideal weight. Lets look at a few of the most important minerals to help us keep that unwanted fat from accumulating. Interestingly enough, these same minerals are also necessary to build muscle.

As you know, every pound of muscle burns about 50 calories a day whereas a pound of fat only burns about 2 calories a day. This is why it is so important to maintain calorie burning lean muscle mass with consistent exercise. Of course, exercise also means more fat burning so it helps in both ways. One thing we need to be aware of is that our bodies can lose precious minerals due to sweating when we exercise. It turns out both building muscle and burning fat requires an adequate supply of minerals on an ongoing basis. This is one of the most important reasons everyone should take a daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement. Lets look together at some of the most essential minerals we need and why we need them.

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Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral simply because the daily requirement we need is not found in most peoples diets. Magnesium is found in leafy greens, nuts and seeds and fish. These are foods we all could stand more of in our daily choices but even so I would recommend supplementation every with this essential mineral. Magnesium is important in the burning of calories as energy and muscle cell metabolism.

Of course, we can not forget calcium. Calcium is another mineral that is necessary for everything from a regular heartbeat to nerve cell function. It is also very important in proper muscle contraction which can help us build muscle. Calcium is a little easier for most people to get in the diet being found in dairy products, leafy greens, almonds and legumes. Calcium helps in the breakdown of fat.

A very important and hard to get in the diet mineral is chromium. Chromium is very important in maintaining ideal weight because it is essential for blood sugar regulation which has a big effect on how hungry you are. It also helps burn fat and build muscle. It is found in nuts, seeds, eggs, fish and green foods. This mineral is depleted from the body by excess sugar in the diet so it is very important to make sure it is found in your daily supplement.

Zinc is a very important mineral for proper immune function but is also involved in hormone regulation. Depletion of this mineral causes weight gain in both men and women. In men, zinc increases testosterone levels which supports muscle building. Foods which contain zinc include nuts, seeds, eggs, beef, mushrooms, leafy greens and poultry. This important mineral is one that you want to be sure to supplement with since most people do not get quite enough on a daily basis.

Another essential mineral is selenium which is important for thyroid function. Better thyroid function leads to increased metabolism which means you will burn more calories faster. Selenium is found in nuts, especially Brazil nuts, and seeds.

The above minerals are extremely important to include in your diet daily to help you maintain calorie burning muscle and lose unwanted fat. The problem is is is very difficult to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of all of these essential minerals without supplementation. Our INBalance Multi contain every mineral we have talked about in adequate amounts and absorbable forms. Why not supplement your diet with just 2 INBalance Multi tablets everyday and stack the deck in your favor on your way to attaining and maintaining ideal weight.

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