Are You on the Fast Track to Diabetes?

Approximately 4 out of 10 people in the USA are Pre-Diabetic, Diabetic, or have a Food Allergy! One out of three children born in the year 2000 will have Diabetes if current trends continue! 67% of Americans are overweight!
Much of this has to do with what is in our food today. We are not eating the kind of food our parents, or grandparents ate! Chemical Sweeteners like Maltodextrin bloat the stomach and can even make the consumer feel hungry so they eat more! Processed foods offer an array of chemicals, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives that have been shown to cause all kinds of health problems yet still remain on the market. 33% of us are “Morbidly” obese!
The INBar can help you lose weight, get solid, all Natural Energy for 3-4 hours without spiking their blood sugar or having to substitute fake sugars or sugar alcohols like the other “Sugar Free” or “Low Sugar” products on the market. The INBars is packed with 10 grams of Protein, 10 Grams of Fiber, 11 grams of Net Carbs and only 6 grams of real, Natural Sugar to fill you up the and give you real “Sustained Energy”. No Snickers spike and crash back to starving and no energy status in 30 minutes! Most importantly they taste good too! Imagine that, something that “Tastes Good” and is actually “Good for You”?

3. The fat content has decreased from 7 grams to only 5 grams making the Calories from fat decrease from 70 to only 45 grams per bar.
The Doctor Formulated INBars are the “Perfect Snack” for everyone, regardless of their current condition. We are on a mission to provide help to those who need it. We have done well in the College and University Market because those young people understand the dangers of GMO’s and chemicals in their food! We’ve done well with Dietitians, Clinics, Fitness Gyms and Hospitals for obvious reasons. We are also doing well in Grocery Chains across the country like Meijer, Spartan, HEB, Rouses, Mariano’s, Basha’s, and are soon to be in Safeway, Wakefern and Target! We have done well in C-Stores all over the Midwest because the INBar is the Perfect on the Go Snack for EVERYONE!We are a young company, only two years old, but we have come far because we make a product that consumers need and want!
Please look through our website and review the life changing information, especially the videos, for even more about the INBar and our unique and effective weight loss and sugar balancing supplements. You may not know that the three biggest words in the food industry right now are: Organic, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO. We have all three plus more!

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